Journées "Systèmes de référence spatio-temporels"
and X. Lohrmann-Kolloquium

22, 23, 24 September 2008 - Dresden, Germany

"Astrometry, Geodynamics and Astronomical Reference Systems"

Scientific Organizing Commitee (SOC)

Chair: Michael Soffel (Germany)
Co-Chair: Nicole Capitaine (France)
Aleksander Brzezinski (Poland), Pascale Defraigne (Belgium), Toshio Fukushima (Japan), Sergei Klioner (Germany), Dennis McCarthy (USA), Jan Vondrák (Czech Republic), Yaroslav Yatskiv (Ukraine)

Local Organizing Commitee (LOC)

Chair: Anke Theuser
Lutz Graefe, Ralf Langhans, Sven Zschocke

Session Titles

  • Modern Astrometry, Time and Theory of Earth's Rotation
  • Relativity and Numerical Standards in Fundamental Astronomy, Ephemerides
  • Global Geodynamical Modelling
  • Observations of Global Geodynamics
  • Developments in Astronomical Reference Frames

Announcement poster

  Download the announcement poster of the conference for DIN-A3 paper format as a .pdf file here.



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